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2007 Pontiac Vibe


Pontiac Vibe

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Check exhaust system, found the following problems: The intermediate pipe broke, needs replacement.
  • Customer requests the following work be performed, listed in the symptoms section.
  • New York State motor vehicle inspection, passenger vehicles and light trucks.
  • Oil change maintenance service, consisting of draining crankcase and refill with the proper amount of oil listed in the parts section. Change the oil filter. Lubricate chassis fittings as required. Check and top up all fluids. Check the air filter. Test the antifreeze protection and condition. Adjust the tire pressures to factory specifications. Antifreeze protection is good for at least -35 unless noted.
  • We installed a new Napa Legend Battery.
  • We replaced the intermediate exhaust pipe and gasket. We were able to re-use the converters.
  • We replaced the rear wiper blade with a new blade
  • We rotated the tires, following the recommended procedure. Re-set the tire monitor system, if equipped.
Steven H. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/11/2020
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